Hair Kit

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Dermafollics has formulated a holistic approach to thinning hair with a 3-product system delivering results that are more than the sum of the individual products.

1 | A stimulating and energizing cleansing shampoo with green tea, lotus, caffeine, tea tree and peppermint oils that leaves a healthy, cleansed scalp

2 | A light, volumizing, and nutrient rich conditioner that helps prevent damage of the hair you have and give thicker, fuller-looking hair

3 | A twice daily, lightly textured hair serum that has been clinically shown to increase hair density by 21% and increased the anagen (growth) to telogen (rest) ratio of the hair follicles by 73% in 3 months. All products are pH balanced and have been dermatologist tested.  We believe great results require great products – from end to end.